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Guide: Clan wars

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Guide: Clan wars Empty Guide: Clan wars

Post by BBSS on Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:15 pm

Guide: Clan wars Clan_w10

Don't be afraid of asking for a clan war, even if it's for fun or official, we never forget this is a game and the idea is having fun.

Please try to take note to the following points before ask for a clan war.

Fun war:

  • Ask any member of our clan on Nplay chat if he has Hash members online to play 2v2, 4v4, 6v6 or 8v8. If you don't have any Hasher get the members directory and add them: http://hash.forumotion.com/t346-hash-members-directory
  • Pick a free server preferably Atlanta (Less lag/ping) and make sure you have your members online to make them join quickly and notify to us to do the same.
  • If you take screenshots, or record a video of the fun war, DO NOT MAKE IT PUBLIC FOR ANY REASON. It's a fun war/spontaneous.
  • Hash doesn't use Raidcall or special strategies for fun wars, we would ask for the same but we respect the other clans styles.
  • No ping limit

Official war:

  • Ask any hash member on Nplay chat/private message for a clan war. Send a proposal with: Number of players (4v4-6v6-8v8), Date, Hour, Maps and number of matches. I.e:
    Official war vs [|Clan|]
    Date: 09/21/2013
    Hour: 13:00GMT
    Maps: Tower Warehouse
    Matches: Two matches/Switch swat-militia
    Specific guns?: All guns/Sniper only/Pistol only.
    Special game?: No/Sabootage/New idea (Purpose your own funny game).

    (Please make the request at least 2 weeks before the scheduled time)
  • After, get the proposal, it might take 3 days to reply if we accept the war, propose new parameters or decline for low activity issues
  • Both clans will be allowed to make public the screenshots/Video .
  • At the day of the official war, we'll wait 30 minutes, if the opponent doesn't appear the war will be done.
  • If one of the clans doesn't have enough members it will be played unbalanced (I.e 6v4 - 4v2), or reschedule the war.
  • Ping limit in official battles will be 200.

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