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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions Empty FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Post by BBSS on Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:22 pm

FAQ - Frequently asked questions Faq10

How to join Hash?
Follow this guide: http://hash.forumotion.com/t339-guide-how-to-join-hash

Does Hash hacks?
All our members are clean, all them prefer to train, or ask other members to teach something they don't know or are stuck, the following is practice, we have a lot of trainings each week.

How to get a fun/official war?
Follow this guide: http://hash.forumotion.com/t341-guide-clan-wars

Who's the Hash leader?
Funnyman is our leader, but in hash all the members have the same voting/opinion power, council and officers are more for high and few serious/stability issues inside the clan.

When Hash was founded?
This clan was started on August 14, 2011 by Kaveh94 and Funnyman.

What are the Hash Council/officers?
Councils: Funnyman - Catharsis - Justunlucky - treeo1234 - FaultLine - BIGPOP
Officers: Fenerbache - Noplay - ThePunish3r - xHeadShot
Clan Artists: BBSS - Chocoboi

How can I add the hash members?
Get the full list here: http://hash.forumotion.com/t346-hash-members-directory

Forgot your username?
Ask to a Hash member.

Forgot your password?

Who are the "public forum" admins?
All the hash members are allowed to create topics/reply/moderate/ban.

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