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Guide: How to join Hash?

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Guide: How to join Hash? Empty Guide: How to join Hash?

Post by BBSS on Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:07 pm

Guide: How to join Hash? Howtoj10

This is probably the most common question that our members get all the time and that's why we decided to make a special post for it.

How to join Hash?

First all of you have to ask this question to yourself, “what can you contribute to Hash?”  The Hash clan is like a family/structure where each member is a gear to make the clan grow, some exemplary features that will help the clan grow: Skills/Attitude/Ideas/Video-Making/Photoshop.

Joining our clan is not an impossible task, if we see that you fit these basic requirements and you exceed them,  and you show us how can you help our clan your chances will most likely be good.

Some tips

  • Be yourself: Don't try to impress us trying to be somebody else.
  • Have a good attitude: Just be nice with other players, respectful, be a good winner/loser, and don't try to cheat us with this, we'll catch you anyway.
  • Skills: This is not the most important point as most of you think, but it would be nice if you have good skills.
  • Don’t ask in games: You can't imagine how annoying this is, we're in the game to play, not to take a lot of petitions each time we join a server.
  • English: People use to say: "me join hash" - "hash join" - "clan join". We understand if you don't know english, but try with a translator will be better to understand you and for your brain.
  • Ask our leader: This is more common of what you think, our leader is constantly feeling a bit of stress but he won't put you without create a poll about the candidate and the whole clan will vote.
  • Harassing: Don't push the Hash members to join us. It's always the same process than our leader.
  • Clan seeker: If you're just looking for a clan, this is not your clan, we don't want disloyal members or users changing of clan each 2 weeks, or members changing accounts/making new ones every once in awhile, make an account and stick with it, the most simplistic and efficient way of joining Hash is talking, getting to know, and playing with our members, then once one or more Hash members have recommended you for Hash, we will talk about making a poll

Recruitment Process Information

Guide: How to join Hash? ThHybND

Scouting suggestion

To be discussed in the Scouting Suggestion, you must have a Hash member recommend you for the clan. The Scouting Suggestion process is used for discussing the member a Hash member recommended privately with other clan members. This is where the Hash members will give off their feedback and decide if the recommended player should continue with the recruitment process or not.

Waiting list

After a recommended player gets enough positive feedback from the Scouting Suggestion thread, he/she is able to continue to the second step of the recruitment process. The Waiting List is where the recommended player goes after their positive feedback in the Scouting Suggestion. This also gives the player permission to access the Hash Chat, become a member in Hash Raidcall, and the ability to participate in practice clan wars with Hash. A “Waiting List Applicant” has the ability to decide when to start the next step of the recruitment process when they feel ready to apply and have their poll made.

Small note: If an applicant is inactive and is in the Waiting List, he/she will be temporarily removed from it until he/she returns and is active again.


After the Waiting List Applicant feels ready to apply, they will be given an application form to fill out so they can get started to continue to the next step of the recruitment process: their poll. Remember that the application form is only for those in the Waiting List and not given out randomly.


After filling out the application form, the applicant now has a poll of 5 days. The Hash members will then vote whether if they want the applicant to join or not. Vote rate should be over 80%, with a 8 yes or more from our clan members to get approved.
With 5 or more negative votes until the poll's deadline applicant will be rejected. If there are too many unsure votes, the poll is allowed to exceed the 5 day limit to make up the unsure votes.

Allowance for Rejected members

  • Any applicant that has been rejected from too many unsure votes is allowed to still have access to any sort of Hash communications (RC, Hash chat, etc.) until the applicant feels comfortable to have his/her poll up again.

  • Any applicant that has been rejected from too many “No” votes must be discussed in the Scouting Suggestion thread. There, the Hash members will discuss and decide if the applicant should be allowed to have the chance to re-apply again. If there’s enough positive feedback, the applicant is allowed to have access to Hash communications (RC, Hash chat, etc.) and is allowed to have his/her poll up again when ready.

The Hash Family.

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